If you haven’t heard about the GME stock saga by now you’ve been living under a rock. Which would be a great place to hang out and let the 2020 and 2021 craziness blow on by. For those that don’t know, or need a refresher, Gamestop, yes, the brick and mortar spot in the mall that sells video games, has become one of the hottest, most mentioned stocks of 2021. Is this because of Gamestop’s business fundamentals? No, not really. Gamestop (GME) is hot because hedge funds bet against the company’s performance and shorted the stock to hell. If you…

Andrew Arruda

| doing well by doing good @AutomateMedical | no fear. no envy. no meanness. | prev. @TorontoSRI , @ROSSIntel | alum @YCombinator @TEDTalks |

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